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Maize is successfully grown from most of the plains of India to the hilly areas up to 2700 m . It can be grown in all types of soils and loamy, loamy soil is considered better for the cultivation of maize. Maize is such a food grain that comes in the category of coarse cereals, but its production has taken a turn as an important crop in India in the last decade because this crop is the leader in the growth rate of all coarse and major food grains. Today, when it is becoming difficult to increase the yield in wheat and paddy , maize is presenting new standards of production, which has now increased to 5.98.

This crop was started growing on the land of India only at the end of 1600 AD and today India is included in the major producing countries of the world. As many types of maize are produced in India, hardly any other country is producing the same type of maize. Yes, it is another matter that India is very backward in the use of maize. Whereas in America it is produced as a wholly industrial crop and various industrial items are made from it. The importance of maize in India is known only as a food crop. In the United States of America, corn is mostly used to make starch.

The states where maize is widely cultivated in India are Andhra Pradesh , Bihar , Karnataka , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh etc. Out of these, Rajasthan has the largest area of ​​maize and Karnataka has the highest production. But the importance of maize is also very high in Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal , Northeast states, Madhya Pradesh , Chhattisgarh , Maharashtra , Gujarat and Jharkhand .

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